Onward in exploring drawing: The Croquis

My second attempt at drawing a croquis, as taught by the Nick Verreos tutorial video below. This is the pencil sketch stage.

What is a croquis? Wikipedia defines a croquis drawing as a quick sketch drawing of a live model.

Not to be confused with another French word, croquette, which is utterly delicious and making me hungry for one (or ten) just thinking about it.

In fashion, the term croquis refers to, again from Wikipedia: “a quick sketch of a figure (typically nine heads tall as this is the accepted proportions for fashion illustration) with a loose drawing of the clothes that are being designed.” I’m including this as I first learned about the croquis from the following YouTube video by American fashion designer Nick Verreos.

This video tutorial is short, fun and fascinating. Concise, packed full with easy-to-follow instruction, and there’s still room for fun humour. I really enjoyed giving the drawing taught a try.

Trying out ‘my own design’ with the croquis. (Of course my design has serious cleavage. If I’m a woman with a bangin’ body, I’d be dressed like that hahaha)

Up next: The Fashion Croquis.

Trying out ‘my own design’ using the Fashion Croquis. A hot mess, and once again, notable boobage. (Note to self: learn how to draw some decent passable hands because these poor ladies are sadled with lobster claws, hahaha)

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