The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade in Cairo

I’m not into Egyptology, but I came across this in the news and, wow, I find it really fascinating.

I know of National Day or military parades by different countries, LGBTIQ+ pride parades, Macy’s parade in New York, and of other parades all around the world, and each can be spectacular and special in their own way. This one is also very special. It’s so unique, it happened for the first time and is quite possibly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Called The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade, it took place in Cairo, Egypt, last Saturday the 3rd of April.

22 mummies of 18 kings and 4 queens, were transported from the Egyptian Museum with great fanfare to their new home, the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, located 5 kilometres away. They were transported chronologically according to their reigns, from Seqenenre Taa II who ruled in the 17th century BC to Ramses IX who reigned in the 12th century BC. The mummies were placed in climate-controlled cases loaded upon wagons decorated for the occasion.

Here’s a more polished promotional type of video below. It looks like a movie production or something, dramatic and grand lol.

It’s so wonderful that the Egyptians are enjoying their heritage which they obviously take great pride in. I sure hope that the tourists will flock back soon to see their new museum and other marvels after the nightmare that is Covid is finally over. I wish the same healing for all countries around the world. The tourism industry has been battered globally and so many millions of people employed in the industry and their families are suffering because of that.

Here’s a short video of less than 3 minutes explaining what the parade is for:

Below is a longer video, but still short at under 8 minutes. It features brief snippets of information about the Egyptian Museum where the mummies had been for over a hundred years, and which will still be operating and open to visitors. It also tells a teeny bit about who the kings and queens are and what they were known for, and gives a peek into the new state-of-the-art museum. Fascinating stuff!

And finally, below is a video of some of the music featured in the parade. I find it very beautiful and moving.



The BBC article where I first came across news of the parade – “Egypt mummies pass through Cairo in ancient rulers’ parade“.


4 thoughts on “The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade in Cairo

  1. This was awesome. We had a couple of fresh mass shootings here in the US and then there was my own life tasks to complete and I heard ‘Pharaoh’s Golden Parade’ on news but never stopped to really look at what was going on in Egypt as they honored their ancestors and thousands of years of history. The videos were cool. I did a photo search and found awesome images.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • I know, oh my God!! It’s so scary and heartbreaking, the shootings. The frequency it’s happening lately now is horrifying. My heart goes out to these victims in the U.S. and their families, just ordinary people going about their everyday lives like the rest of us only to be cut short so violently, and their loved ones left behind are forever devastated. I can’t begin to imagine the grief.

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment and for the compliment. I’m happy you like the post and the subject.

      Liked by 1 person

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