Day 3 – 25th May – Quarantine Room Design Notes

I rather like this handsome little fella. I ๐Ÿ’œLOVE๐Ÿ’œ the look of the burlap (burlap linen?) fabric. It looks smart and tidy yet affably casual, like a dapper gentleman in a linen suit, Panama hat and loafers. Surprisingly it’s not itchy at all and in fact I love the feel of it against my bare arms.

I like the size. It’s not too big, but big and deep enough to accommodate a big behind, I should think. Armrests are the perfect size too. Big armrests are unnecessary and would render the piece unsuitable for small or tiny spaces. I also love how low they are so I can sit with a leg over one as I sometimes do.

Two things I don’t like, though. 1. The backrest is too low. I prefer one that I can rest my head against.

2. No legs at the back, for its decline-back design (see side photo above). I like my armchairs (in fact all furniture) to have void space below throughout so it’s easier to vacuum and/or mop the floor.

So, for a burlap armchair or sofa: do I file it under “Things I’d love for my own home in the future”? YES!


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