Day 18 – 9th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Television

A 55″, it’s huge. Well for me, anyway. I only have a 32″ at home. I’ve never been much of a TV person, since ages ago when I could start getting news online. And at anytime I want instead of at a fixed time. And enjoy different viewpoints because I could access many different websites.

I also live in a tiny apartment, and the bigger your TV, the more space there should be between the TV and your self for viewing comfort. So yeah, 32″ was just about right.

55″ Samsung in the hotel room. I love the sleek niche housing it.

But hilariously enough, though, the quality is not only not High Definition, it’s actually pretty bad for a flat screen TV. And it’s the same across all channels. Well, might as well just have a regular, modest 32″, then.

Watched it with the drapes closed so the room nice and dark for a better quality picture. But still not very good.

To make it worse, on some days I think the connection is dodgy or something, resulting in missing chunks of a film. It’s distracting to the point of being annoying enough for me to give up watching a film (The Goldfinch, for instance) because it can happen many times during a film, and for longer than just a few seconds.

What comes up during those interruptions.
Selection of channels.

Thank goodness for the free Wi-Fi.

Covid or no Covid, this is a great idea 👍🏽. I want to plastic-wrap all my remotes at home too 😂. They can get so gross with all the trapped dirt. It’s such a breeze just wiping the plastic!

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