Blue Moon on Halloween, starring Belly

I’m not into astronomy or astrology, and when I read that there’s going to be a ‘Blue Moon’ (a 2nd full moon in the same month) on October 31st, my first thought was that I love the song ‘Blue Moon’, as sung by Ella Fitzgerald πŸ˜„.

Then I thought, ‘hmm… a special moon right on Halloween, let’s draw something with that theme’, especially since I have a black cat and all. 

I love the result πŸ’™. There’s also a version without the commemorative Halloween greeting.

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This was the dreamy song I was referring to. I love me some Ella!

And here’s a more upbeat version, by Billie Holiday. Enjoy


Cat heartbeat, featuring Belly

I have always wanted to do the heartbeat design thing, and I found the perfect photo of Belly for it 🐈 From over ten years ago πŸ˜„

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Up next: with a dog profile too πŸ•πŸ’œ


Tutorial credit: Heartbeat design learnt from Logos by Nick on YouTube. Click here for link.

Luna playing

Video with clips of Luna playing from almost a year ago when we first adopted her. After she initially recovered, it was gratifying to see her quickly improving even further, turning into a very active girl 😻

The lovely music is ‘No.9 Esther’s Waltz’ by Esther Abrami, from YouTube Audio Library.

Dear Didi

The photo of my dear Didi for the illustration I called just that, ‘Dear Didi’ πŸ’œπŸ˜»πŸ’œ

Here’s the link to the ‘Dear Didi’ page on Redbubble.

Belly napping and grooming to thrilling music

Watching Belly and our other cats is never mundane, but it tickles me how the music makes it all that much more exciting.

I’ve learned a good soundtrack is so important! πŸ˜†