Day 7 – 29th May – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Floor Finishes

I really like the taupe shades of the laminate flooring of the room. The colour is pleasing and soothing, and because you can lean towards both modern greys or classic beiges and tans when it comes to furnishing, it’s really fabulously versatile. Warm gold or cool silver shades for metals likes doorknobs and switch plates? Either one would look good with this floor.

The wood grain design is also beautiful and looks so natural. If I gaze at a wide area it makes me think a bit of a shag carpet! Maybe that’s why I find it cozy and warm.

Bedroom floor with colours/materials of curtains and armchair.
A touch of glamour with a bit of granite for the threshold between bedroom and bathroom.
Bathroom tiles with colours of wall finishes.
Floor trap with tile insert, 13x13cm (approx.5″). Note also how its problematic location is resolved with a neat cutout of the built-in concealment for the WC plumbing.
A smaller floor trap in the shower. I’ve never seen that small size before in a shower. 8x8cm (approx.3″)
Different colours and materials in harmony together.