The remarkably brave and kind grandma and her kind family

I just saw this video earlier. It’s actually a week old, so probably considered ancient by online news standards. Sorry about that. I’ve been having a hard time coping with circumstances and been dipping back under my rock for long periods every so often. What happened to this grandma really affected me. Her crying at the end of this short video was just so heartwrenching that I cried a little too.

Imagine just minding your own business waiting to cross the street and out of the blue and for no reason somebody just takes a whack at your face. It’s bad and incomprehensible enough if you’re young, but to happen to an older lady of 75, it’s downright devastating and so hurtful. You just don’t expect the world to be so cruel and senseless.

I’m so happy she got over her shock quickly enough to whack the guy back. She must had been so enraged. She got over her shock and grief real quick and fought back. Good for her. Guess who ended up on a stretcher? Not grandma!

My God, the bruise and blood on her face in the video. That looks really painful. And not to mention the pain in her heart, which I can’t see but can hear in her cries at the end. I wept along with her. Poor lady. I feel so hurt for her but at the same time I have so much respect and admiration for her.

Her name is Xie Xiaozhen. From China, she is 75 years old.

I read in an article from NY Daily News, that there was a second elderly Asian victim, or rather the first as he was attacked first. His name is Ngoc Pham, and he is an 83-year-old man from Vietnam. From the South China Morning Post, I gathered that after Mr. Ngoc Pham was attacked, a security guard chased the assailant who then punched Ms. Xie as he was fleeing.

Mr. Ngoc Pham fell and suffered cuts and bruises on his head as well as fractures to his nose and possibly his neck.


The assailant’s name is Steven Jenkins, 39, and according to he faces six charges including two counts of elder abuse.


What makes Ms. Xie even more remarkable is that she, her husband and family have decided to donate all the money raised in a GoFundMe to the Asian American community to combat racism. According to SG News Yahoo, the GoFundMe with a goal of $50,000 had been set up by her grandson John Chen, asking for donations to cover her medical expenses. The figure has soared to over $900,000, and they are donating all of it.

In an update on the GoFundMe, Mr.Chen wrote that his grandmother said “We must not submit to racism and we must fight to the death if necessary. She insists on making this decision saying this issue is bigger than her.”


Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Ox

My little design for Chinese New Year that’s just around the corner. Wishing all Chinese all around the world a wonderful New Year full of love, peace, good health and prosperity.
By the way, that’s not a self-portrait 😄, though yes the Year of the Ox 🐂 is my year when it comes to the Chinese zodiac.

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Sculptures by Zheng Yukui and Wu Liang Yan

I came across these delightful sculptures that were exhibited at a hotel lobby some time ago. They have expressions that are mostly cheerful and the proportions are cartoon-style, but to me there is such melancholia in them.

Or perhaps it is just the lighting of the exhibition, casting such shadows on them! Haha