Day 2 – 24th May – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Filtered Drinking Water Tap

There’s an extra tap on my vanity counter.

The sign, enlarged below, explains it is to do away with bottled water that was usually provided to guests, a practice that has been the norm for many years.

Cynical me can’t help rolling my eyes hard. But even if the primary motivation was really to cut costs and safe money from not providing bottled water to guests, I still think it’s really cool that so many fewer disposable plastic bottles are choking our planet because of this initiative.

Below are some pictures of the filtration used and how it’s connected.

Tap water in Singapore is already perfectly potable. But I guess most visitors would be hesitant and expect bottled water. (Heck, even some of us locals prefer to boil our tap water first before drinking it, out of an abundance of caution. Old habits die hard.) Hence this special extra filtration.