Day 6 – 28th May – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Food packaging & serving

This is how the Food Fairy leaves my meals, three times a day. He/She/They press the doorbell and will have completely vanished from the corridor by the few seconds I take to slip on my mask and get to the door. I think they are as scared of my germs as I am of theirs.

(Can’t wait to do the post for that hideous carpet!)

When I first arrived last Sunday evening, I was given this set of cutlery in the lobby, so even before I stepped into the room. Love it. I’ve always wanted to be all precious and grandly whip out my own cutlery when out at the hawker centre or food court πŸ˜‚

Example of Breakfast

Usually stingy with the jam πŸ₯Ί, but no matter, as I’ve packed my own jam! πŸ˜‚πŸ€­

Example of Lunch. I love fried fish 😻 This meal was yummy.
Example of Dinner. I love me some green leafy vegetables. This was a nice meal too.

I have to say the portions are too small for my liking and what I’m used to. (Thank God I’ve brought a snack. See previous post) It’s like we’re at a fat farm to prepare for a supermodel pageant or something.

I cope by telling myself that this is the proper portion for an adult. That I’ve been eating 2x or 3x the portion of rice all these years, and that’s why I’m overweight πŸ˜‚. So yeah, I guess I’m on quarantine AND a diet. *sucks in cheeks*

All the meals are labelled with when they were first ready, and when you should not be consuming them anymore, for safety’s sake πŸ‘πŸ½That’s actually important information and much appreciated. Food poisoning would suck at any time but to happen during quarantine would make it far worse.