Day 21 – 12th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Wall Panelling

It’s interesting how the light plays off the thin gold lines. How it moves with you when you move across the room. The sleek minimalist design is sombre with that grey, but with the gold lines, it’s also alive. And the hint of Art Deco those lines give, I like very much. An added dose of elegance to the room.


Day 16 – 7th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Painted Pelmet

Another splash of gold, this time more yellow than the shade above the headboard. It’s pretty, but not something I would replicate at home as it’s a bit too flashy for my taste. However, I appreciate it here for the added glittery sparkle to the room, thanks to the swirly brush strokes. It livens up the room in a fun, interesting way.

At first I though it was wallpaper, but I can spot little bleeds of the paint onto the ceiling which, funnily enough, I think is nice as instead of being a defect, it shows the work was done by hand. That makes it more special.

Day 15 – 6th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Painted Wall Finish

I would never have thought to put the colour gold on my walls, no matter how muted the shade and even just as a little accent, but it works really well in this room. It adds a dash of fun and glamour, complementing the headboard and drapes perfectly.

Looks like a gold leaf finish. I’m not sure if this shade is referred to as ‘champagne gold’, but whatever it is, I think it’s gorgeous.
7 am, drapes drawn, with LED strip lights above switched on, highlighting the uneven surface that suits nicely the shabby chic lite aesthetic of the room.
Lit by the flash of my camera at one corner.
There are some large faint swirls here applied freehand by the painter for subdued decoration