Surfin’ right on

My ‘artwork’ for the week 🙂

The idea behind the design is: whether we’re riding high or just doing our best to keep our heads up when circumstances bring us low, staying positive includes having to steer clear of negativity. That may sound obvious but sometimes it’s hard to do because the negativity may come from people we have to be around with such as colleagues. It may even come from people we love including family members and friends.

For example, when we receive criticism, listen well with an open mind and heart. If it’s constructive, embrace it. It may help us improve so consider acting upon it. However, if it’s not helpful and, worse, feels like it’s just meant to hurt our feelings, then brush it off and move on.

Try our best to spend more time with people who are kind, encouraging and want to see us succeed. Try our best to steer clear of people who don’t.


The above was originally ‘Ridin’ High‘ (see image below), but I changed it to ‘Surfin’ Right On‘ less than a day later. Reason being that soon after posting it on Instagram, I received a message on that platform from a U.S. shop called just that, ‘Ridin HIgh’, that the name is trademarked (for apparel).

The design with the original slogan ‘Ridin’ High’, before being changed to ‘Surfin’ Right On.’ I have removed this design with this slogan from my ‘shop’ at the online marketplace Redbubble.

I’m not familiar with trademarks. Never applied for one and never had reason to learn about them. I don’t know if trademarks, if registered in one country, apply to another or the rest of the world. Of course that’s irrelevant when it comes to Redbubble where I have stuff with the design on on sale, as it is an online marketplace so customers can be from anywhere including the U.S.

In any case, I don’t mind changing the previous slogan after the U.S. shop ‘Ridin High’ informed me (and they worded it politely too) that they have a trademark on it, for apparel. It’s not about whether it applies to me legally or not. As an aspiring artist/designer of some sort (haha) it’s important to me to consider the hard work other people have also put in to establish themselves and to respect that.

The bonus is that I’m actually happier with the overall design now. ‘Surfing’ makes more sense for the wave-like design, and fits the context of the idea better, which is of moving on and staying positive.


Tutorial credit: Abstract Lines learnt from: Logos by Nick at YouTube: