Day 9 – 31st May – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Open Wardrobe

I like this clean, crisp design. Maybe some people might call it Scandinavian or whatever, but it brings to my mind the traditional Japanese house with its sliding doors.

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I don’t like having to look at this clutter, which is why I don’t like open wardrobes. Unless I’m staying at a budget hotel like, say, an Ibis, then it can’t be helped because the rooms are a lot smaller. But this room is spacious and I don’t believe this is a budget hotel 🤷🏽‍♂️

The dedicated closet for iron and its board is neat, but wasted space when hung in the middle like this. They both could be moved to one side, making space for small drawers or cubbyhole storage.

Especially since there’s not a single drawer in the whole wardrobe to put underwear and other small items, which is my main negative feedback about this wardrobe.

The safe is not deep enough to store my 17″ laptop, unless I prop it up at an angle (as shown in the last photo above), and I wouldn’t be comfortable having to leave it like that for long periods of time.

And yeah this is the laptop that went into a coma on me and which I can’t use until I’ve changed the hard drive. What perfect timing! Three weeks stuck in this room and I can’t even use my f**king laptop. Argh!! 😤😭🤬🤯🤮

The aluminium rail looks nice, but the clanging sound of the metal hook of a hanger against it annoys me. (Yes, sorry, I’m rather anal about noise) I would line the rail with velvet cloth or vinyl, for a quieter, gentler clothes hanging experience 😌🤫 *bliss*😂

I love the colours and materials used, including the minimalist lines of the black metal frame and especially the linen-like wallpaper covering. Elegant and soothing to the eyes. Once again, it makes me think of a Japanese traditional house.