Day 11 – 2nd June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Windows

I’m lucky enough to have gotten a room with big windows.

Switched on the lights for this picture. Getting dark inside at 5.30 pm.

The view I get is pretty fantastic. Well, for a concrete jungle. I tend to focus on the clouds.

A grey day today at 5:30 pm

But looking up or down, the view is expansive and this helps me in feeling less closed in, and for that I’m grateful. In my mind I soar from cloud to cloud, from rooftop to rooftop.

(Like, you know, Janet in Runaway. But of course even in my mind I don’t look half as fabulous and sexy and cheery as she does doing it, but yeah.)

Same view, 6:30 am today. I’ve stood in front of the big window and watched the changing colours of the early morning several times now. It’s pretty special.
Turning my head left, I see this. 5:30 pm today.
Same view, 6:30 am today
View from the smaller window. That’s City Square Mall on the left, and City Square Residences on the right. 5:30 pm today.

That traffic junction is to cross over to reach Mustafa Centre. (I miss you, Mustafa! So much! 😿 )
Looking up a bit.

Signing off with Janet. Ms.Jackson, if you’re nasty!