Secret Garden: my first botanical pattern

Finally tried a botanic inspired pattern, yet another type of pattern I’ve been wanting to explore. I found it an interesting experience and would love to do more. I took a long time to settle on the colours, but I’ve decided this is the combination I like for this one.


For the full Redbubble gallery, click here.


Purple Rain

With these amethysts representing purple, I rounded up the six colours of the rainbow I did for this pear-shaped gem design. It was an enjoyable ride. I had so much fun with this pattern and as always, am fascinated by how a little illustration I did is portrayed on not just t-shirts but so many other different stuff.

For the Redbubble gallery of these jewels on black stripes, click here.

And for them on purple stripes, click here.

As always, here is a selection from the two galleries linked above:

For some reason I always get extra delight from seeing the socks. I don’t know, I just find them so funny and cute, they’re such a hoot. I always get a smile or chuckle looking at how the design looks like on socks.

It’s raining citrine

Like bright cheery lemons glistening under the Mediterranean sun. I love how fascinatingly different the overall look is, between black and yellow stripes.

I’m looking at the dresses above and I really think that, while they are sweet and casual by themselves, the yellow will go really well with some gold-coloured jewelry. Like a chunky necklace or drop earrings, big bling like that. A large gold cuff.

Strappy footwear, probably. But if I’m her stylist, definitely black leather boots, like Doc Martens. Something kick-ass like that. And while we’re in that direction, a black leather motorcycle jacket, then ๐Ÿ™‚


For the full Redbubble gallery with the black stripes, click here.

As for the yellow stripes, click here.

As usual, here are some photos below in the meantime.

The socks are so darn cute with this pattern, as usual.

Anchors to set in the sea of love and peace

I had always wanted to try an anchor design. I’ve always liked the designs of the ‘classic’ tattoos, and the anchor is one of the design elements I think of when I think of traditional tattoos, along with swallows, dragons, pin-up girls, hearts with ‘Mom’ emblazoned across them, etc.

My heart-themed design is inspired by a song I love, Sea of Love.

The song was first released in 1959. I was introduced to it by the 1989 movie of the same title, starring Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin. I remember watching it in the cinema as a teenager, at the time of its release that year.

I decided to do pink and light blue, because they turned out kinda cutesy and I thought they would be cool for teenagers and kids too.

To see the Redbubble gallery of the Pink Anchor, click here.

And for the Blue Anchor, click here.

It’s raining amber

It’s raining amber this time ๐Ÿงก making this pattern the most refreshing so far . There is such a burst of energy to this underused colour ๐ŸŠ. I think orange is actually such a lovely, pretty colour. Instant warmth.

Perhaps yellow is too blindingly sunny for some, and red too hot and a tad too unsettlingly eye-catching. Orange is like a grandmother’s hug, quietly snuggly and comforting. A smoky shade still gives brightness and warmth, yet it’s still sedate, great for the coat or bag of an introvert looking to step out the wallpaper for a while. It brings attention without looking like it’s asking for it.

To see gallery of items with orange stripes, click here.

For selection with black stripes, click here.

Red and green together for a Christmas vibe

Having done red rubies and green emeralds with the pear-shaped jewel design, I couldn’t resist putting them together for a festive Christmas vibe. The jewels remind me of Christmas tree baubles here! And Christmas lights as well. I gotta rustle up a design with that theme soon now! ๐Ÿ™‚

At the same time it still makes for a fun pattern that can be enjoyed all year round.

I did two versions. One with red and green stripes, as illustrated on the dress in the right photo above. To see the whole Redbubble gallery of that version, click here.

The other features black stripes. To see that gallery, click here.

In the meantime, below are some pictures from both:

Normally for the phone covers, my idea is to just put a single jewel against the stripes, but since there are two colours featured here, I had to think of a way to feature both. In the end I decided to do a drop earring kind of design. Looking at it now, it makes me think of a perfume bottle as well ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s raining emeralds

The ruby rain with which I started the pear-shaped jewel drawing has subsided for now, and it’s raining emeralds this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Glamorous yet also homey, bubble-gummy fun. Lusciously fruity and reminding me of crisp apples and pears and and refreshing mint.

The one item that cracks me up with how cute it is, are… socks!

It never ceases to amaze me and fill me with happiness how anything we draw can look like on these print-on-demand items on Redbubble. But the socks always make me smile and laugh. They’re so cute.

Click here for the Redbubble gallery featuring the Green Stripes.

And click here for the gallery featuring the Black Stripes.

It’s raining rubies

I have always thought it would be fun to draw jewels. Pops of ‘sparkling’ colours in the deeply intense shades that I find fascinating in jewels. I tried one recently, pear shaped, and set it against black stripes for a simple pattern.

They remind me instantly of strawberries and gumdrops. I like how they look and can’t wait to try with more colours: green for emeralds, blue for sapphires, and so on.

To see the entire gallery of items available on Redubble, click here.

Hexagon Pattern in Rainbow and various colours

Hexagons in rainbow: something geometric and festive, with a hint of a basket weave. So it’s something modern but feels a little traditional as well.

I liked it so much that for Redbubble I decided to do solid colours as well.

Moving on to gradient mixes of 2 colours after this, for e.g. pink and orange.

Redbubble design for ‘Not all whose minds wander at night are lost’

This is the design I decided to go with for my Redbubble gallery. I think the previous design (as shown in previous post) with the outline of my face would be too personal and off-putting for others. It’s not like it’s the face of a beloved celebrity or character, or even just an anonymous but attractive face. It’s just my face :-). So, I decided to have the words with this scenery illustration instead.

As mentioned in the previous post, as an insomniac owl who probably thinks or daydreams (nightdreams, I guess) too much. this is my personal take on โ€œNot all those who wander are lostโ€, which is a line from a poem in Tolkienโ€™s Lord of the Rings.


Tutorial credit: I learnt how to do the style of the above night seascape illustration from MadFireOn on YouTube: