Microwaved Keropok and Pappadam

I made a video about microwaving Keropok and Pappadam yesterday, because, well, why not.

I believe there are many types of Keropok and Pappadam out there, but the ones used here are savoury crackers popular in parts of Southeast Asia and South Asia, eaten as snacks and with meals.

They’re both normally deep fried, but as I’ve written in the video, there are benefits to microwaving them instead, which are:

  • Healthier than deep-fried, without all that oil and grease
  • No oily mess to clean up afterwards
  • No used cooking oil you have to store or discard
  • You cook only what you want, even if only a few pieces
    • When deep-frying, we tend to fry a lot to make the clean-up afterwards worthwhile.
    • These crackers don’t exactly keep well, even in airtight containers. They lose their delicious crispiness quite quickly. So we tend to gobble them all up in one sitting. (Well, okay, I’m talking about me, haha)

But, then again, there’s just no beating the deliciousness of deep-fried food! Keropok and Pappadam are still tasty microwaved, but of course they are tastier deep-fried.