Day 14 – 5th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Rain Shower

Oh my God, I absolutely adore the rain shower set in my bathroom here. I don’t recall bathing under one being as utterly delicious as this one in this hotel room. I try to never linger under the glorious downpour of water, but I can tell you it’s not easy!

And since I’m isolated on quarantine and obviously not going anywhere the whole day, it’s so tempting to enjoy three showers instead of two daily. But I’ve resisted so far 😔

The wide rain shower head. Beam me up straight to Heaven, Scotty
It’s the delicious gush of rain that feels like a torrential downpour which does it for me every time.
The mixer that opens the clouds to utter bliss.
The smaller upper one is the shower selector valve.
I hate to waste water! Sorry, but just a few seconds to demonstrate how gloriously wonderful the water flow is. Refreshes and wakes me up like crazy each time. The water pressure is crazy cool in this hotel.