Day 21 – 12th June – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Wall Panelling

It’s interesting how the light plays off the thin gold lines. How it moves with you when you move across the room. The sleek minimalist design is sombre with that grey, but with the gold lines, it’s also alive. And the hint of Art Deco those lines give, I like very much. An added dose of elegance to the room.


Day 4 – 26th May – Quarantine Room Design Notes – Bathroom Wall Finishes

I was impressed to see Bianco Carrara marble in the bathroom of a decidedly non-luxe hotel room. Then I quickly realized upon touching it that it was a synthetic veneer of some sort. 😹Had me fooled!😹 But it’s beautiful. Bright, fresh, clean, and modern.

Curiosity had me Googling it, and I was intrigued by what I found. Obviously waterproof for it to be in the bathroom, this panelling comes in a range of marble finishes. Some nice, some some not so nice. I think a factor why the one in this bathroom looks good and effective is because of its low sheen. A high gloss or too distinctive a vein ‘pattern’ might make it look somewhat gaudy and less convincing.

They also come in a range of concrete finish designs, for example the panel installed in the shower, shown in the photo above and two other photos below.

The ‘concrete’ and ‘marble’ selected here go surprisingly well together, I think. It also dials down the posh factor a notch (let’s pretend the Carrara marble is real) to cleverly tie in to the theme of shabby chic lite out in the bedroom.

And it goes soothingly well with the tile selected for the bathroom floor.

I take a bad picture. The floor tile is a truer grey than this, I must had let it take in some of the warm light from the bedroom for it to look more brown.